The Greater Protectorate of Verbobonc

Veluna, Celene and the Wild Coast:

After the Witching Plague these three areas of Oerth were the hardest hit, being so close to the wastes that make up what were once Furyondy, Greyhawk City and the Duchy of Urnst. For four hundred years, mankind struggled against the beasts and humanoids, against the elements, against the remnants of the plague.

Furyondy, Greyhawk and Urnst were centers of magic and were hit first by the plague. The great wizards and high priests died in spectacular fashion months after the plague first appeared, turning themselves into a firestorm of immense magical power – disintegrating the people who made up the lands they protected. The death and destruction was wholesale. No one ventures into the wastes on fear of death should they somehow return.

One hundred years ago a man rallied together the peoples of Veluna, Celene and the Wild Coast – renaming the land the Greater Protectorate of Verbobonc. His ideas of repopulating the area into villages and towns, creating the Yearfest to promote sharing of genetics and knowledge among the free peoples of Verbobonc, and creating a militia to protect said people has engendered a peace not seen in this world in centuries. His name was Hollister Cradin, the first Headmaster of the Scholars. Twenty years ago he disappeared while traveling with a small retinue from Verbobonc to Enstad.

The Greater Protectorate of Verbobonc

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